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A home is where families gather. Here, you are our family and we will take care of you just the same! It’s not just a mantra for us either. From the moment you meet us, you will know we sincerely want you to be happy.

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"Uncle Mike" Rose

"Uncle Mike" Rose

Owner and Mortgage Broker

The job of an Uncle is to watch your back and give you the hook up when you need it the most. That’s Uncle Mike. Thousands of kids across the country who have been coached by Uncle Mike also know that in addition to having your back, he loves you. When you meet him you will feel the same. Right at home, getting the best deal possible, by someone who loves you.

Allie Last Name

Allie Last Name


Allie is the one who makes it happen. A former state auditor, she does the details better than anyone we know. She also knows money. If there is a better deal, a missed digit, or if something just doesn’t seem right – she’ll be the first to know and save your bacon.

James Keddington

James Keddington

Marketing Coordinator

James is the opposite of Allie. Don’t count on him for the details. Instead, look big picture with this guy. Real estate agents love him because he keeps them updated on everything in the mortgage industry. He also keeps the ball rolling so every agent deadline is met on or ahead of time.

A Leading Mortgage Broker in Davis and Salt Lake County

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