For many years of my adult life I was under the delusion that if I could not donate money to a cause, that made a difference, then there was no point. The result was that I rarely supported worthy causes because I felt my effort was futile and worthless. Then I was taught about the widows mite.  
  The video above illustrates a famous teaching in the Bible. It is called the Widows Mite. The essence of the teaching is that those who have little, who give, give more than those who have much. This is a teaching about sacrifice.¬†Sacrifice is meant to be painful, that’s why it is a sacrifice. In the years since I have also learned that sometimes those who receive of our money, are not the ones in need. Sometimes we are the one in need. We need to learn ¬†to live on less than what we earn. We need to learn humility, suffering, compassion and charity. We need to learn to live without excess. We need to learn what it means to struggle and overcome. I recently started working out a cross fit gym near my home. I was a bit apprehensive at first. I am not a strong or incredibly fit person. I was intimidated. When I got there I realized that neither was anybody else. In fact, there were people in very bad shape. Beyond obese. It was clear that years of inactivity redefined their bodies and beliefs about themselves. But here they are. Working out just the same as me. For the same amount of time. Doing the same exercises. Sacrificing comfort food, a favorite television show, and the absence of sore muscles. As I compared my own efforts to these people far more out of shape than I was, I began to realize that even though the number of reps, distance run, and heights jumped was far less than mine, these classmates were far greater than I am. In the charts that measure degree of difficulty, I am not even on display. Life is like this. There are also people who measure output, not degree of difficulty. Then there are people who do hard things, regardless of the output. There are people who give when they have none. These are the people who find purpose, meaning and the joys of accomplishments through painful efforts to rise above their current status. Who are are you? This holiday season consider the the blessings you have. For every hardship you think you endure, refuse to ignore the hardship of others. Don’t be ashamed to give a homeless person just a hand warmer or a small cup of hot chocolate. Don’t feel inadequate when all your can donate is simply $5.00 to a worthy charity. Don’t feel inferior when the most you can share is a smile, a hug, or even just a nod of recognition to the beggar, that says you see them and that they are not invisible. Don’t be as concerned with how much or what you give, as you are that you do give. This holiday season, what will you become? #dohardthings