I have held a variety of leadership roles. The most significant is as the President of the Utah Chapter of the American Marketing Association. I love this role. It has taught me how to think like the executives I work for. Recently as I have been thinking of the volunteers at the AMA I have been considering the differences between the volunteers who get noticed and those who don’t. I have come up with three common attributes of those who get noticed (for the good).

  1. Be proactive. I don’t always see eye to eye or agree with newly presented ideas. But I am always appreciative, grateful and aware of those who take initiative to make suggestions. Even those who don’t have a lot of experience, if they take initiative,will get noticed fast as a contributor the solution.
  2. Take ownership. Initiative alone is not enough. Taking ownership is the next level of initiative. Taking ownership means that you want to do more than just have and share great ideas, but are willing to see them through to execution. Taking ownership is being responsible for your actions and the actions of others. Those who take ownership demonstrate responsibility.
  3. Keep commitments. Keeping commitments is easy when things are going great. But when things get hard, paths get blocked, and barriers lifted – those who stick to it and do what they commit to are respected. I am very aware of the challenges our volunteers face and nothing speaks volumes more about character, integrity and capability than those who keep the commitments they make.

When it is all said and done, intelligent hard working people can learn just about anything. But the traits of being proactive, personal accountability and integrity can not be taught. It is a choice we must make.

If you want to make a positive impact in your organization, create a great brand for yourself these three things are a great starting place. Make the choice today.