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The road ahead is exciting! I am in the people industry. As a marketer, I’ve made it my business to know what customers and prospects need to see, hear, feel, know, and experience to take the next best step. Understanding my customers at this level has enabled me to make both excellent tactical and strategic decisions.

Get To Know Me!

Let’s do lunch, breakfast or just hang out in your conference room and get to know each other. We won’t know if we’re a fit until then.


James has incredible insight as a marketer. He has the ability to come into any type of organization and see what is working and what is not. He is a strategic thinker, which helps him develop a plan that moves the needle for business owners. He has a vision for all things business. He sees the beginning from the end. He understands marketing funnels and how to move a prospect into a satisfied customer. He is easy to work with and inspires everyone he is around to do their best. 

Jill Greenlaw

Marketing Director

James is an incredible marketer and is phenomenal at creating the big picture while not missing a beat on the details. I love his drive and execution and holds you to what you committed to. I highly recommend him to any company shooting for dynamic growth!

Matt Frisbie


James is a dedicated leader, a total marketing ‘brain’ and also lots of fun to work with. I would recommend James for any leadership role that requires a marketing professional focused on delivering real, measurable results

Emma Wimberley

Director of Retail Relations and Experience

I’m Great For A Reason


I know what people want and need to see, hear, feel, know and experience. Even more important, I can authentically reflect that back in a manner that builds trust. This contributes to my success as a marketer and leader. 


I am resourceful with how I build and create something new, something better, what is needed and wanted. 



I can grasp the big picture and the path required to achieve the desired results.


I am a certified execution manager. I can take a team and gain buy-in on the end in mind, determine the behaviors that will drive goal accomplishment, and measure those activities in a way that creates accountability and forward movement.


Problem Solving

I can take a complex problem and boil it down to a simple solution.

So many things make James a standout employee. In addition to dedication, intelligence, and creativity, James shows his resourcefulness by coming up with solutions to big challenges. He has a complete marketing skill set that includes branding building/development, demand generation, and customer loyalty. He stays ahead of major technology and industry trends and is able to translate this knowledge into new strategies and tactics.

Robert Monson

Business Acceleration Expert

James was tasked with increasing the leads to the bank and developing an online reputation management program. My job with the bank is to analyze inputs, outputs, etc. This gives me the vantage point of both a work colleague and a numbers guy analyzing his performance. James excelled at what he did. Leads in the digital realm sky-rocketed. A well executed, strategic reputation plan was put into place due to his efforts.

Dave King

Vice President of Business Intelligence, EnerBank

I have worked with James on many projects and he is absolutely amazing! His knowledge of off and online marketing, social media and analytics is unbelievable. He is on the pulse of the ever changing, ever improving social media networking platforms. I’ve seen him go into a business and present marketing idea after idea that would help the business owner get his/her product or service out to the correct consumers through the various online social avenues.

Deb Clawson

Director of Marketing

No Shortage of Experience Here


In the professional workplace and as a volunteer, I’ve led teams as small as two and as large as seventeen.


Do you know why you aren’t getting the results you want? That’s a mystery I can solve, and put into an actionable plan.


Translating strategy into daily actionable activities is something I excel in. It comes down to knowing your why and how.


Fun is more than ping pong tables, soda machines and free flu shots. It’s more about repeated wins and celebrating success.

SEO and Web Design

Every business uses it’s site different. I know how to make sure it’s intended user get what they want, how they want it.

Lead Generation

What do you prospects need to see, hear, feel, know and experience to take the next best step. I can answer that question.

Marketing Automation

This all comes down to leading prospects down a pre-determined path and having them feel in control.  It’s art and science.

Marketing Technology

If marketing is not your #1 IT spend, it will be soon. You need someone who understands how it all works together.


Content Marketing

Give people what they need to to be in control of the buying process. Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s that simple.

Brand Reputation

Swiping right, sharing the love, getting others to do the talking for you. When this happens, it amplifies everything else you do.

Customer Experience

Did your most recent customer buy what they thought they bought, or did you deliver something completely different?


Social Media

Each platform has it’s own set of rules. When you know the rules and play by them, the social part actually becomes simple.

Results Is The Name of the Game

Everyone has experience. My experience says results matter. That’s why I track the impact of every activity and how it links to what matters most. When you take the time to review my resume, you’ll immediately notice that I know the impact I make and the data to know how big or little that impact is.


What is it you really need?

What you read here and on my resume can only give you part of the picture. Let’s meet up face to face and have a real conversation about fit.


Sample Accomplishments

  • 92% Increase in Licensee Revenue
  • 26% Increase in Organic Website Visits
  • 25% Increase in Membership Enrollment
  • 11,000 Leads for New Start-Up in 3-Months
  • 30% higher email open rate than the industry average
  • $400K in Unforecasted Revenue from New Channel
  • 40% Increase in Close Rate from Online Lead Source
  • 300% Increase in Client Retention
  • 390 Positive Online Reviews in 6-Months
  • Founding Member of AMA Utah Chapter
  • Mass User Implementation of Multiple Marketing Tech Software Types
  • 4-Disciplines of Execution Certified
  • Featured Speaker/Moderator/Panelist
  • Author, “Accidental Marketer’s Handbook”

I’d hire James in a second. He brought a new way of thinking to an older, traditional company. He understands digital marketing strategy as well as any client I’ve had. He’s also one of the great guys in the marketing industry. I trust him to treat me and anyone he works with fairly and honestly.

Dan Bischoff

Senior Director of Marketing, Purple

He is a superbly talented professional and his passion for pushing the envelope of excellence in content was in many ways responsible for our success in this account relationship. I recommend James to anyone and I would work with James any time and anywhere. He accomplished the great outcome of leaving a role better than he found it.

Cheryl Snapp Conner

CEO, Snapp Conner PR

James is an extremely talented and capable digital marketing professional. He is constantly on the look-out for new ways to innovate and improve his skill set. He is the consummate go-to professional who never says no to a challenge and always provides viable solutions.

Dale Erling

Partner, Water Gardens Confections

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