Free: The Accidental Marketers’ Handbook

“Usually when you sign up for something like this you are disappointed with the results that leave you hanging, but this was actually very informative”D. Faulker, UFC Gym Trainer


18 Chapters of Strategy and Tactical Advice


Chapter 1: Buyer Strategy
Chapter 2: Marketing Strategy
Chapter 3: The Four Types of Marketing
Chapter 4: Website Strategy
Chapter 5: Employing Creativity
Chapter 6: Creating Content
Chapter 7: Customer Retention
Chapter 8: Referral Marketing
Chapter 9: Brand Reputation


Chapter 10: Keeping Consistent
Chapter 11: Your Branding Guide
Chapter 12: Big Marketing Buys
Chapter 13: Do-It-Yourself SEO
Chapter 14: Online Ads
Chapter 15: Social Media Basics
Chapter 16: Email Marketing
Chapter 17: Contact Management
Chapter 18: Tools and Resources

What You Will Learn From This Book

Unlike other books and tutorials, this handbook teaches you the, "Why" behind each strategy and tactic. When you know the why, you will no longer be a robot, but an actual marketer solving problems.


Learn Strategy

Get away from trying one tactic after another and actually build a real marketing strategy.


Marketing Fundamentals

Learn the basics of what makes marketing work.


Marketing Tactics

Learn tips, tricks and lessons learned for the most common marketing tactics used.



See which resources we use to make marketing easier.

They Loved This Book, You Will Too!

See why everybody is getting better at marketing.


I love it and plan to read it again with a notepad and pen in hand since we want to improve our marketing strategy for the upcoming new year; and I found the book to contain some aspects of our marketing strategy the have been neglected or need improvement.


I completely identify with being an accidental marketer. This book answers a lot of questions I have had about marketing and plan on using everything I learned.

Personal Trainer

I have taken a lot of online courses from other experts and universities on the topic of marketing. The Accidental Marketers Handbook makes marketing easy and simple to understand.


About the Author

James Keddington has been in the marketing field since 2001. In that time period he has worked with hundreds of small businesses all over the Western United States and Canada.

James has also filled full-time marketing roles for a global leadership development and training company, an Inc. 500 consulting firm, a regional employee benefits company, a billion dollar industrial bank, a software integrations company, and a strategic services marketing agency in Utah. James is also an active volunteer for the Utah Chapter of the American Marketing Association.

James is a graduate of the University of California in Riverside.

Outside of his career pursuits, James is very involved with the local water polo community as a coach and player. He also enjoys snowboarding with his family, honing is gourmet cooking skills, and playing the harmonica. He is also known to sing and dance like nobody is looking, and has been asked to do both only when nobody is looking.

He is happily married, the father of five children, and enjoys the company of his second most loyal friend, Briggs, a black labrador/cocker spaniel mix.