I love what the Boys Scouts of America teaches our youth, and I love going to scouting activities with my two boys. But for me, all the fun stops when it comes time for skits.

And that’s where this people watching post comes from.

I spent one night with my eleven-year old at a one nighter scout camp, and of course skits were not in short supply. When it comes to people watching at during skit time, you quickly learn there are three types of people.

  1. Those who love skits and live for them.
  2. Those who want to like the skits, but can’t seem to find the fortitude for it.
  3. Those who know they are not skit people and refuse to even look like they enjoy what’s going on.

The best of all are “the staffers”. Staffers are usually teenagers who want to work at a scout camp as a youth leader of sorts. These are always the most energetic / spastastic.

If you find yourself in category 3, like myself there is one thing you can do to make the skit event tolerable. It’s really simple – make sure your phone is charged and you have your favorite game loaded and focus on breaking world records. It passes time by real fast and most of the scouters think you are super cool because you play games on a cell phone like they want to.