I have a son entering the 9th grade next year and here are things I hope he knows.

  • It’s O.K. to follow your passions and forget the judgements others.
  • It’s better to fail doing your best, than to succeed being your worst.
  • Being bold is a good thing.
  • Courage is born from courageous acts.
  • Don’t ever back down from disagreeing with teachers on topics of politics and moral values. Not only will it build your character, but it’s also fun.
  • Learn how to impress the girls now. Don’t wait until college to start trying.
  • The only thing worse than a bad dancer, is someone who won’t dance at all.
  • There is a difference between being popular and being cool. Cool kids are cool to everyone. Everyone. But more often than not some jerk finds a way to become popular.
  • Some of the best education you’ll ever get will come from hanging out with those who have disabilities.

If you come home drunk, in a police car, on top of a police car, without the car you borrowed, in nothing but your underwear, in nothing but someone else’s underwear, ┬ásmelling like weed, or not until after I leave in the morning for work…I will be pissed. But I will still love you and you will still be my child and nothing will ever change that.