I am the marketing director for a company in Farmington, Utah. We are a small company. Recently we decided to transition from using ACT! to InfusionSoft. I can’t tell you how happy I was when the boss man approved this one.

We are a couple weeks into this now and I thought I would share with you what I am liking, and definitely not liking.

Customer Support

Pro’s: The people at InfusionSoft are great. Very responsive and very accommodating. My average wait time is usually less than 2 minutes. I have called a lot since signing up. I don’t ever feel like I am bothering them, or that my  requests are dumb.

Con’s: Outsourced implementation partners.To get started, we had to pay for someone to help us launch. A good friend of mine does that sort of thing so we worked it out to make sure he was our implementation partner. Just as chance would have it, I was scheduled to go on vacation during week three. I don’t know what happened, but he failed to let me know he would be on vacation during week 4. In the first month of implementation We have only had an exploratory session with him so far. I know it is not a reflection on his skills, talents or willingness. But a definite con to the support is that by outsourcing the implementation side of it – InfusionSoft definitely loses control of the kick-off phase. Maybe it is because I requested my buddy combined with the timing of both of our vacation schedules. That being said, InfusionSoft is pretty user-intuitive for the tech savvy, so I have not needed him much so far. Which is good. I am going to make great use of our allotted time to get more the granular help that I want.


Data Migration

I just have four words. Pain-In-The- Butt. We had a lot of data and our data was not clean by any standards. So it has been pretty rough.

Pro’s: Again, customer support has been great on this issue. InfusionSoft also provides CSV templates so you know exactly what fields are needed.

Con’s: The downside to this is that if you run a B2B business, and have a semi-complex method of reporting forecast, opportunities and tying them to company and contact records. Its gets messy and quite possibly expensive. Like I said earlier, we are migrating from ACT. All of our notes and opportunities are tied to the contacts. But InfusionSoft will not let you import notes and opportunities, at least not without begging them to turn on unsupported access. What that means is we had to do four imports: Contact Notes, Contacts, Companies and Opportunities. Not in that order.

If you ever need help importing into InfusionSoft. Let me know. Technically, it should be easy. In real life – it’s messy and should not be rushed.


User Interface

Pros: InfusionSoft has a very clean layout and is very maneuverable. I love how it works.

Con’s: While it works for both B2B and B2C, it is easy to see that a B2C mindset dominated the back end design.


I have not yet gotten into the marketing automation, creating sequences, scoring leads and all the real good stuff yet, but I will definitely share my thoughts on it. Keep on the look out for it soon.

Oh yeah – if you want to see all the cool stuff InfusionSoft does, check out this video.