On July 1, 2012 I started a one-year term as President of Utah Chapter of the American Marketing Association. It was a great year and I learned so much. Our leadership team accomplished a lot of great things and I was inspired by the how much the Chapter Officers (those who led each committee) were able to do in such a short period of time. I was glad to be part of it and proud of so many things. But as with any new venture or first time experience, by the end of it  I had regrets.

Leading an organization is hard. It’s so much more than leading yourself, a project or a team. I got some of it right, but I got more of it wrong. In the last 10 months since my term was up, my successor faced many set backs and as of a month ago, the organization was in jeopardy of becoming dissolved.

Thanks to the help of some dedicated individuals, we’ve been able to make some big course corrections in a very short period of time, and put the Utah AMA back. I also have been selected to lead the Utah AMA for another year. I get a do-over.

This do-over is giving me a chance to  move past my regrets and become a better leader. For the next 14 months I’ll be focusing on more than just what members see, but also on everything they don’t see.  This year not only will we focus on improved operations, but measure it. We will not only focus on great events, but measure the impact of them. I will not just invest time in the Chapter Officers, but invest time helping them learn how to be better leaders of teams and encourage them to be more than just project leaders. There is a lot that will be done different. We will not just think different,  but we will become different in every aspect. We will move beyond start up and into established. The foundation has been laid, it’s now time to build the house.

Wish us luck.