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Marketing and Customer Experience

Your marketing, sales and customer retention is not working like you know it could, but you don’t know why. Together, we can find the answer.

Why You Want To Hire Me

I’m not amazing at everything. So, if I don’t list it here, call me for a referral, instead.

End to End Touch Point Audit

From before they know your name until long after they’ve been a customer the messaging and brand experience needs to be consistent. Especially if you are not a well known or large brand. Failure to do this leads to dissatisfied customers and lost upsell opportunities.

Marketing Strategy

We are going to answer a few questions. It’s that simple. What does the buyer and customer journey look like? What do they need to see, hear, feel, know and experience to take the next best step? 

Customer Experience Design

You got them in the door and made the sale. You can’t afford to lose them now. Creating an experience for your customers that exceeds their expectations is the easiest route to business growth.

Vendor Selection and Management

Choosing the right tactical partners is very time-consuming. Managing them is even more so. Free up your marketing team to do what they do best by tapping into my network of the best marketing pro’s out there and let me play matchmaker. 

Execution Planning

So you’re a wo(man) with plan. But how does that translate into weekly and daily activities for you and your team? How do you measure and celebrate success? Do you know when to pivot? Do you know how you to close the gap from mediocre to all-star? How do you and your team keep from being distracted?

Say NO! To Retainers and Time Based Contracts

Enter a world where you pay for getting things done. Each agreement has specific outcomes and time frames. Managing expectations has never been easier.

Can You Handle The Truth

I’ve been both an agency partner and an in-house marketer. Each plays a vital role in the success of a business. Unfortunately, most agencies think in-house marketers are not that bright, and most in-house marketers believe agencies are inefficient budget suckers. Neither is true. In fact, it is typically just the opposite. Despite the ideal complementary nature of that relationship, one gap still remains, and that is where we come in.

Because we don’t actually perform any of the actual marketing fulfillment, we are agnostic to any tactic. Not being an employee frees us from all internal politics and taboo topics that slow down the planning process. 

The only thing we are after is the truth. The truth about who you are, what your brand really represents, where you’ve been, where you are now and what needs to be done to get you where you want to be. 

From my Peers and Clients

No words were changed, but some quotes were shortened. Check out my LinkedIn profile to see 24 unedited, raw format recommendations.

I have worked with James on many projects and he is absolutely amazing! His knowledge of  marketing is unbelievable. I’ve seen him go into a business and present marketing idea after idea that would help the business owner.”

Deb Clawson

Marketing Director

I can’t speak too highly of both the work James did for Pet Butler. He demonstrated keen insight into our corporate culture as well as the areas that needed the most improvement.”

Red Boswell

Global CDO

James is an incredibly talented marketer and leader. His ability to identify opportunities, develop sound marketing strategies, and make ideas happen is unparalleled. He has an uncanny ability to motivate and inspire teams to achieve results that would typically be outside of their reach.”

Jesse Himsworth

SVP Strategy

James is a dedicated leader, a total marketing ‘brain’ and also lots of fun to work with. I would recommend James for any leadership role that requires a marketing professional focused on delivering real, measurable results.

Emma Wimberley

Director, Retail Relations and Experience

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