The rule of ten is
not a new concept. Some people know it as, “going the extra mile.”

The key principle behind the rule of ten is that by giving a little extra effort, 10% more to be exact, each day, you gain significantly more experience, skill, and knowledge in the long run. Ultimately you become more accomplished and are rewarded with opportunities the average person is not.

An easy way to illustrate this is with athletic performance. I love the sport of water polo so I will use that as an example. The average high school team practices for two hours a day. If a water polo  player stayed an extra fifteen minutes and really pushed themselves hard they could swim  twelve hundred yards. At the end of a month they will have swam almost fourteen more miles than the rest of their team mates. Putting this into numbers it makes it very clear that this athlete is better prepared and more physically able to perform at a higher level durning game time, possibly making him/her the team MVP at the end of the season.

Visualizing the benefits of going the extra mile is not always this easy. There is no way to measure the impact of a high school student saying hi to five new students each day, a child making breakfast for their siblings on a weekend so their over worked single mom can sleep in, or the boss who writes one appreciation note each week to an employee or vendor. What we do know is the impact is real. We don’t put in the extra effort so we can measurably separate ourselves from everyone else. We put in the extra effort because we know we can. We know we can make a better, longer lasting, more meaningful contribution to those around us. When we do that, we gain greater experience, self-confidence and personal satisfaction.

So what is next for you? Mediocrity? No, you are not mediocre. Give a little more. Become something much greater.

Can You Do More?

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